Tech Resolutions for 2020 (Better a month late than never?)

Last updated on February 2, 2020

I don’t normally do “New Years Resolutions”, but I thought that setting some (and formally writing them down in this post) would be a good way to solidify what it is exactly that I want to accomplish. I have alot of learning goals that could easily get derailed or put off due to lack of discipline or having only a value sense of what I want to achieve. That being said, they are:

Learn Python to begin my journey into programming

I’ve been dabbling with Python since last summer but I never got very far. I started a few tutorials and bought Automating the Boring Stuff with Python (which is great by the way) but between real life getting in the way and not having any clear goals or app ideas in mind any momentum I had fizzled away. My approach was off. Of course I wasn’t going to get anywhere without any sort of project in mind! Since then, I’ve gotten a few ideas. Learning how to build a simple Flask app and working with API’s in AWS should be a good start.

Ill make a commitment to code for at minimum an hour each day. At some point ill do #100daysofcode as well.

Continuing my journey into Linux

Coming from a Windows background (and also being a primarily visual learner). Linux was always a bit intimidating if I’m being honest. Sure, I’ve used the command line and Powershell before, but it always felt like stumbling in the dark trying to do anything substantial. I didn’t avoid it, but I wasn’t exactly seeking it out either. Then I woke up a few years ago and realized that all the automation I wanted to do to make my work easier would require at least some basic knowledge of Linux. Not to mention all of the amazing open source software. I don’t want to be just a “Windows guy”. So I decided to pick up CentOS as my first distro, and plan on getting the RHCSA in April. Speaking of which…

Get some certs

The cert’s I used to have expired years ago and I never bothered to get them renewed or pursue any more. I plan on getting 3 before June, the aforementioned RHCSA, Network+ and Security+. My knowledge of networking has eroded into near-nothingness due to lack of use. I don’t even remember subnetting anymore. A refresher course is in order. During the summer I will get the AWS CCP and SAA certs to learn cloud fundamentals and showcase to future employers some level of competency.

Read more high level tech books

I read The Phoenix Project last year and it was a great introductory view of how Devops practices and culture can meet business needs, and what I can do to help improve my organization. Being able to speak fluently will go a long way in showing the value that I can bring, but there is so much that I still need to be exposed to.

Build on my homelab setup.

My homelab is the center of everything, from practicing scripts for server deployments to experimenting with software that might bring value to my job to keeping my skills sharp and learning the hot new thing that everyone is talking about. I can make or break anything I want. There is power in that freedom that would otherwise be nonexistent in a production environment. Many of my future posts will be centered around my setup.

Get a job in the Cloud / DevOps space

Ambitious I know, but I’d be prepping for the job hunt towards the end of the year, after some interview prep . Finding a Jr Devops or Cloud Admin role would be invaluable in solidifying my knowledge and gaining real world experience.

Ive spent the past month gathering study materials and coming up with how I will pursue these goals. Time to put them into action.

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